Greathouse Farm & Bengals

Greathouse Bengals is born out of love for the domestic cat and an extreme bond with felines since childhood. Combined with a passion for genetics, colors, patterns and form. Greathouse Farm is dedicated to educating and spreading positive and well tested information through our Feline and Reptile projects, literature and products.
As a child my love for animals was fueled by my parents willingness to let me "adopt" every small animal I found in the pet shop (space permiting) and line my desk with small tanks and cages. We only had one cat that I grew up with from the time I was 2. He was an "indoor / outdoor" cat who would go out in back to do his business and then usually came back in. Over the 16 yrs of his life he got in numerous cat fights and had to be rushed to the vet for stitches and from time to time didnt return for days on end. He was fixed of course and I can remember he would come in and sit on my bed and I would start sneezing. He was a dirty long haired domestic! I suppose some would say that he lived a long life but we will never know had we known then what we know now could we have prolonged his life another 5-10 even 15 yrs? Back then a 16 year old cat dying of renal failure was considered natural causes and a "good run". I spent the next decade assuming that I could never have the love of a cat in my home again. I had severe uncrontrolled asthma and allergies and had remanded myself to entertaining fish ( I still love and keep aquatic animals too ;) I remember the day a vet tech friend of mine said - Your not allergic to the cat! Your allergic to the dander! She advised me that a clean bathed, nails trimmed cat would reduce dander and reduce my allergies. It was the one thing missing from our family, so it was a no brainer when I brought home our first domestic short hair. I would come to find that Bengals actually have about 1/3 of the hair as our beloved short hair who has an insanely thick tripple coat that is full of dander even with bathing! My bengals have changed my life. Their silky fur and low shed factor have made loving cats an easy experience. Are Bengals 100% non-allergenic? Of course not. But their overall thin and silky coat make for an easy to maintain coat of spots that I would never go a day without in my life!


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